The Birdsong Trilogy (2012)

The Birdsong Trilogy consists of SPARROW (0-2 years), NIGHTINGALE (3-5 years) and WOODPECKER (6-9 years), all of them about birds and playing, Through musical communication the trilogy investigates different interactive dramaturgies for each agegroup, and elaborates on the artistic meeting between actors and children. The project participated as a preproduction in SceSam – Interactive Dramaturgies in Performing Arts for Children (2012-15), and was co-produced with Trøndelag Teater and the free improv jazz ensemble EnEnEn.

Director, scenographer: Lise Hovik
Actors: Janne Brit Rustad, Live Strugstad and Andreas Medbøe Thoresen
Musicians: Tor Haugerud, Michael Duch and Eirik Hegdal
Presentation of the performing artists