SPARROW (0-2 years)

The sparrows are small, chubby and ragtag, and they always appear in a bunch. They are not much afraid, almost a bit nasty, and they live close to human beings summer and winter. Most children know the sparrow, and maybe they can see that they are curious and playful just as themselves. In our version, the sparrows find their way out of the egg and the nest. They try some of the first challenges of life, such as being on their own.
Michael Duchs big bass and Tor Haugeruds percussions play unpredictable improvisations, and give way for both individual surrealistic freedom and inventive interplay between everyone present.
The play is above all a celebration of playing and beeing together in an atmosphere of light, dance and music.

Sparrow visited Vancouver International Children´s Festival in May 2013, and had a very good experience with the Canadian audience, children and adults. Lise was interviewed by the Georgia Straight and by BCB News. In February 2017 the sparrows flew to Bologna and Visioni di Teatro, and in May 2017 the long journey to South Africa and the ASSITEJ world conference; Cradle of Creativity in Cape Town. Have a look at the the festival program, and pictures from our Cape Town Tour experience. In august 2018 the sparrows again flew across the globe to play at ASSITEJ Artistic gathering in Beijing China. What an adventure!

Presentation of the performing artists in SPARROW