The Red Shoes (2008)

The Red Shoes (De Røde Skoene) is an interactive installation with magic red shoes, dance, song, music, figures and play for the very young, those who have just started to walk on their own feet. This performance is made through play and improvisation, in close contact with children from 1 years old.

The play is open and seeks contact with the children, inviting them into the spatial installation of red shoes. There are red rubber boots with secret worlds inside, singing shoes, shoes floating in the air, shoes with eyes and teeth, shoes with light, shoes for dancing and rolling, shoes for driving and spinning. The performance builds upon the fairytale by H.C Andersen, about possessive red shoes, shoes that have their own life. In the performance, some of the shoes are transformed into headsets with sound compositions for listening.

Denvilledansen copy

This performance, and the following Red Shoe Missing and Mum´s Dancing (2011) made the artistic results of Lise Hoviks Ph.D from 2014.