Beginnings (3-5 years)

Actor Gunhild Hjertaas. Photo: Arne Hauge

The performance Beginnings addresses the older children in kindergarten, 3-5 years. With musical playfulness the actors and musicians invite the children into a wondrous conversation about life on earth, and how it all came into being. They meet every answer with a question, and together the children and artists enter into a fantasy of possible Beginnings. The performance is structured as a story and an adventure, traveling through different worlds. Each new beginning transforms into a new beginning, moving downwards, discovering layer by layer.

Teaterhuset Avant Garden, April 2018. Photo: Arne Hauge.

We begin in the theatre space, which transforms into the universe/multiverse space, then landing on an ocean globe, becoming a green and fruitful jungle, becoming a desert, becoming… In the end we arrive the seabed, and the children are invited to search for hidden treasures and strange animals.

Playing at the seabed. Photo: Arne Hauge

The live musical compositions by Siri Gjære & Tor Haugerud makes presence with rhythms and singing, while Gunhild Hjertaas and Ibrahim Fazlic invites the children into dialogues about fish and fowl, or some strange creature never seen before. The disturbing plastic world of Anthropocen is also questioned, without coming to any conclusion. The performance have many beginnings, building a dramaturgy of becomings, searching for several levels of understanding.