Teater Fot is a Children´s Theatre company established in 2004 by Lise Hovik. The company is project based, with a main interest in arts for Early Years.
In 2008-10 Teater Fot toured The Red Shoes (2008), an interactive performance for children under 3 years of age. Lise defended her Ph.D thesis on theatre for the very young, The Red Shoes Project at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2014, and is professor of drama and theatre at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education.
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The Birdsong Trilogy (2012) was made in cooperation with Trøndelag Teater, the main region theatre in Trondheim, and consists of three shows, all of them about birds, playing and being together. The trilogy was part of SceSam – Interactive dramaturgies in performing arts for children (2012-17), and is still available for touring. It is possible to play all three shows in one day, all though we would prefer to give one day or more to each show.

SPARROW  0-2 years
NIGHTINGALE  3-5 years
WOODPECKER 6-9 years

The performing artists in Birdsong Trilogy is highly skilled musicians, actors and dancers. Presentation of the performing artists.

Teater Fots latest artistic research project Neither Fish nor Fowl (2017-20), is working with posthumanist perspectives of life and art, trying to figure out how this might look like in our imaginations and in the actual spaces of playing and theatre. The project has developed through several performance versions:

  • Neither Fish nor Fowl (0-2 years).
    Pre-production presented at the Olavsfestdagene in Trondheim, Norway, August 2017.
  • Beginnings (3-5 years).
    Co production and premiere at Teaterhuset Avant Garden in Trondheim, Norway, April 2018.
  • Baby Becomings (0-2 years).
    Premiere at Småkunstfestivalen in Trondheim, September 2018.
  • Animalium for kindergarten kids is still a work in progress, available as workshop and performance stunts in art galleries, libraries, openings, gatherings and kindergartens.
    Premiere at Kunsthall Trondheim, October 2019.
  • Himmel og Hav / Sky and Sea (0-2 and 3-5).
    A new touring version of Beginnings, with new text by Marte Huke. Premiered at Rosendal Teater in October 2020.

For international touring we prefer the workshop & stunt of Animalium or the latest performance version Sky and Sea for babies (0-2).
Sparrow is also still active on our repertoir.
All of these performances are non-verbal and easy to travel.

Please contact:
Lise Hovik, Artistic director Teater Fot