NIGHTINGALE (3-5 years)

NIGHTINGALE (3-5 years)
The nightingale is a fantastic and virtuous singer. Just listen. His voice is so strong and the repertoir is so rich that he has got a very special position in our culture. The nightingale is rare and seldom and just because of this he is mythical and adventurous. We have studied a few of Hans Christian Andersens versions of the nightingale stories, and we move into his world, where the lonely and spoiled princess lives. She is too picky to wish for what she can get, and she want everything that she cannot get. The nightingale becomes her rescuer, but perhaps the children have to give some help in order to change her mind?
Eirik Hegdahls powerful saxophone gives voice to the nightingale, and together with the band ENENEN this performance becomes a musical celebration of theatre and adventure.



Have a look at the film teaser of NIGHTINGALE