The Birdsong Trilogy (2012)

The Birdsong Trilogy consists of SPARROW (0-2 years), NIGHTINGALE (3-5 years) and WOODPECKER (6-9 years), all of them about birds and playing, Through musical communication the trilogy investigates different interactive dramaturgies and elaborates on the artistic meeting between actors and children. The project participated as a preproduction in SceSam – Interactive Dramaturgies in Performing Arts for Children (2012-15), and was co-produced with Trøndelag Teater.

Director, scenographer: Lise Hovik
Actors: Janne Brit Rustad, Live Strugstad and Andreas Medbøe Thoresen
Musicians: Tor Haugerud, Michael Duch and Eirik Hegdal
Presentation of the performing artists