About Teater Fot

Teater Fot was established as a children´s theatre company  in Trondheim, Norway in 2004. Theatre production, including scenography, directing and dramaturgical advise has been main enterprises. Teater Fot works cross disciplinary with musicians, actors, dancers and visual artists through a common base of playing and improvising devising methods. The creative teams are composed for each production, but usually with Lise Hovik as artistic director with drummer and percussionist Tor Haugerud as a key musical partner.

The productions are driven by a curious interest in theatre for young audiences and the different aspects of live bodily and musical communication. As artistic research projects the philosophical and theoretical entrances are crucial, and are always followed up by documentations and academic writings.

Overview of Teater Fot productions here.

Lise Hovik (b. 1962) has been a drama teacher by profession since 1992, from 1996 at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education (DMMH). In 2014 she delivered her Ph.d. about theatre for Early Years, and became professor of drama and theatre in 2020. The Red Shoes / De Røde Skoene was the first artistic research project with Teater Fot, and the starting point for Lises Ph.d. project. The study investigated performative aesthetics with theories of play and improvisation  Her article based thesis is written in Norwegian, with one article in English. The whole work is available on NTNU Open.

Lise Hovik has been a professional adviser in several artistic councils and boards; Art Council Norway Norsk Kulturråd (2016-17), board of UNIMA-Norway (2011-14), and board of ASSITEJ Norway (2012-16). She has been research leader of SceSam – interactive dramaturgies in performing arts for children (2012-15), and together with general manager Lisa Nagel published articles (The SceSam Project, Youth Theatre Journal 2016), and books on this topic.

From 2019-21 Hovik is project manager for LYDHØR – an artistic research project investigating sympoietic interplay between nature, environments, materialities, kindergarten children, artists, pedagogues and researchers.

Publications in English 2015-2020

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