Neither Fish nor Fowl

Birds, fish and humans are species containing a huge multitude of fantastic creatures, but the categories in which we are used to define each of them, are ranged in a cultural hierarchy with human on top. Adult humans are above children and children are above animals. Looking at children´s relation to animals, the affection is quite strong with both tenderness, curiosity, fear and joy. Using a non verbal bodily and musical language we wish through this project to develop our affective languages. We want to twist and mix the hierarchies and the categories, to play with what we find in the gaps in between, and to dive into transitional movements, shapes and species. Strange animals, happiness, fear and curiosity are mixed with layers of different materials.

This is possible to do through experimental theatre, using figures, objects, materials, dance, movements, singing and musical communication.

We are now in the process and have presented 4 preproduction performances for children 0-5 years at the festival Olavsfestdagene in august, and at the gallery Trondheim Kunsthall in november 2017.

Have a glimpse of the performance in progress here:
Pre production teaser
Photo Gallery

The production team
Artistic director: Lise Hovik
Scenographer: Anne Helga Henning and Lise Hovik
Musicians: Siri Gjære, Tor Haugerud, Rohey Tallah
Actors: Siri Schnell Juvik, Gunhild Hjertaas, Ibrahim Fazlic
The performances have 4 artists on stage.

Funded by Arts Council Norway

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