Animalium is a project which consists of a performance, a site specific stunt and a workshop suited for performers and people who work with children´s theatre and art. Animalium is based on the artistic research project Neither Fish nor Fowl which investigate the significance of affect in theater for Early Years. The methods are theater improvisation, film-production and article-writing. The theater project is about the relation between humans, animals, environment and nature, working with the principles of affective attunement and ongoing transformations.

Animalium Workshop at SAND-festival 2019. Photo: Ida Goytil

Animalium Workshop: Through playing and improvisation exercises the workshop participants create a collective non-verbal language of sound and movements and develop into a flock of odd animals. The final session of the workshop is moving into public space where the flock (or flocks) of animals improvise with each other, materials, objects and possibly children who want to participate. The workshop becomes a happening or stunt in the festival area. The workshop is designed for festival goers, kindergarten teachers, art-students or other people who are interested in the topics of exploring play, sound, movement, shape, composition and communication with young children. The workshop is led by Lise Hovik, possibly accompanied by other members of the company. Timeframe will be 3-5 hours, including the happening. Costumes included.

Animalium Stunt is based on the same improvisation concept as described above, but performed by the Teater Fot Company. The happening can pop up like a surprise-stunt in public spaces like art galleries, exhibitions or at festivals, both in its own right as a performance, but also in between other events.

Animalium Performance is a 30 minutes interactive performance, taking place on a stage in a theatre (or alike) with the human animal characters from the performance Baby Becomings. The human animal characters will move together with paper and other materials through the performance space, inviting the babies and young children to move between them. The performance is designed as an immersive experience of sound and movement, in which the children (and adults) can participate in their own way.

Animalium Workshop, Stunt and Performance can be combined when inviting the Teater Fot Company with 4 actors, director and technician.

Please contact:

Lise Hovik, Artistic director Teater Fot

Emily Fischbeck Luthentun, Producer:
+47 97 52 88 83

Animalium at the opening of Rosendal Teater (Aug.25.2019). Photo: Geir Mogen/Buckethaus.